Online Students Admission Requirements

Entrance to the online program is selective and the number of students admitted each semester is limited. Applicants must have completed two semesters of college-level composition courses to be considered for admission. Questions about availability should be directed to the program coordinator.

Before an admission decision can be made, a prospective student must complete the application process:

  • Submit the UIS admission application, including signature sheet and application fee.

  • Send transcripts from all colleges or universities attended to the UIS Office of Admissions.

  • Submit a written statement (described below).

The statement plays a major role in admission to the online degree. It should be approximately two pages and should reflect junior-level college writing skills.

The statement should include:

  • A clear, concise statement of academic and/or professional goals.

  • Why a non-traditional, interdisciplinary program is the pathway to these goals.

  • A discussion of things that the applicant has been taught outside of an academic environment.

  • A discussion of online and/or technical skills.

  • A discussion of the skills and/or resources that the applicant possesses which will help him/her to succeed as an online student, as well as the challenges that may interfere with that success (e.g., time management, access to a computer and the Internet, or other factors).