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Department of Liberal Studies University of Illinois Springfield

The Major

Liberal Studies graduates must earn a minimum of 120 semester hours of credit and must complete all General Education requirements. Students typically enter their first Liberal Studies course, LIS 301 Self-directed Learning, once they have earned 60 hours of credit. It is in this first course that they develop a plan for their major. LIS Degree Plans must include:

  • 7 hours Liberal Studies core courses.
  • 10 hours of ECCE requirements.
  • 3 upper-division hours in each of the seven Boyer categories.   At least 12 hours of the Boyer category courses must be LIS-prefix courses.

Engaged Citizenship Common Experience (ECCE)

Students must complete at least 3 classes covering at least 2 of the following ECCE categories:

  • U.S Communities (3 hours) – courses should broaden a students’ knowledge about substantial, distinctive, and complex aspects of the history, society, politics, and culture of United States communities.
  • Global Awareness (3 hours) – courses should help students understand and function in an increasingly interdependent and globalizing environment and to develop an appreciation of other cultural perspectives.
  • Engagement Experience (3 hours) – courses provide structured opportunities for students to integrate knowledge, practice, and reflection in the context of engaged citizenship.  Opportunities include Applied Studies Term, Credit for Prior Learning, service-learning courses, research projects, and study abroad.

In addition, students must also complete UNI 301 Speaker Series (one credit hour.)

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