Trans Guide @ UIS: Policy

UIS Preferred Name Policy – Currently, the University of Illinois (all three campuses) does not allow students to include a preferred name on any official internal campus documentation such as the I-Card or class rosters. This policy change has been proposed and is currently being advocated for.

UIS Nondiscrimination Policy – Currently, gender identity and expression are included in the University of Illinois nondiscrimination policy. Click here  to view the campus nondiscrimination policy.

Illinois Nondiscrimination Policy – The Illinois Human Rights Act nondiscrimination policy includes sexual orientation, which is intended to cover gender identity, for employment, housing, and public accommodations. Click here to view the Illinois Human Rights Act. Click here to view Illinois Gender Advocates’ explanation of the Illinois Human Rights Act.

Inclusive Language on all UIS Forms – Currently UIS does not include “Transgender” and/or “Other _________” as a gender designation on the application for Admission, Housing, or is it required on campus wide institutional assessments. However, intake forms in Health Services do allow for this.

UIS Gender Neutral Housing PolicyGender Neutral Housing (GNH) option is being piloted within Residence Life to primarily upper-class or graduate students.  This piloted community will provide a welcoming space for students to choose their roommates, regardless of gender, to promote a healthy and safe living and learning environment. GNH allows students to live in an environment where they can express their gender or sexual orientation in a way that is true to themselves in a safe and supported way. If you have questions about gender-identity, gender expression, or transgender student support, please contact Kerry Poynter in the LGBTQA Resource Office Click here to view the Residence Life Gender Neutral Housing webpage to learn more.

Residence Life Community Handbook – Transgender Inclusive Statement – The Department of Residence Life is committed to providing a safe and comfortable living environment for all students, including those whose gender identity and/or expression differs from the sex assigned to them at birth. For transgender students looking for a supportive living arrangement in the residence halls and apartments contact the Director of Residence Life (John Ringle,, or 217-206-6190). Residence Life respects and affirms a student’s gender identity and/or expression, prioritizes our student’s physical and emotional safety, and will find the best match between the student’s needs and the options available. Students seeking additional support in the University environment should contact the LGBTQA Resource Office.

Campus Pride Trans Policy Clearinghouse – Find out about policies at other colleges and universities.


Campus Pride Index – Compare the 51% “Gender Identity/Expression” UIS score to hundreds of schools around the country at

*If you have any questions about relevant UIS, state or federal policies or you feel that you are being discriminated against due to your gender identity please contact Deanie Brown (Associate Chancellor, Access and Equal Opportunity,, 217-206-6222) who will work with Kerry Poynter (Director, LGBTQA Resource Office) on request to address your concerns.  You may also contact Kerry Poynter directly ( or 217-206-8316), who will then notify Deanie Brown.


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