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Black History Month

Black History Month, also African-American History Month, highlights the the cultural backgrounds and contributions of African-Americans. The UIS LGBTQA Resource Office commemorates the month. History has set the record a little too straight. People like Barbara Jordan and Bayard Rustin are recognizable African Americans political activists that were not heterosexual. Others include: Bessie Smith, Glenn Burke, Audre Lorde, James Baldwin, Billie Holiday, and Langston Hughes. Come view our on-going Icon History Display in our office suite.

During the LGBTea on Thursday February 23, 4-6PM, the office will host “Identities in the Harlem Renaissance- with a focus on Langston Hughes”.

Below is a calendar of the events on campus to commemorate Black History Month.(click to enlarge)

Black History calendar of events at UIS 2012