Bachelor’s Degree Curriculum Requirements

Curriculum Requirements

To earn a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Legal Studies from the University of Illinois Springfield (UIS) a student must successfully complete their general education requirements, 10 hours of Engaged Citizenship Common Experience (ECCE) Courses, 25 hours of Required LES Core Courses, 9 hours of LES Electives, and 36 hours of General Electives.

ECCE Courses

U.S. Communities or Global Awareness (6 hours)

Engagement Experience (Internship) (3 hours)

Speaker Series (1 hour)


Required LES Core Courses (for students under the 2015-2016 curriculum)

LES 202 The American Legal System (3 hours)

LES 303 American Law in Comparative Perspective (3 hours)

LES 307 Law and Society (3 hours)

LES 352 History of American Law (3 hours)

LES 401 Legal Research and Citation (4 hours)

LES 414 American Constitution: Governmental Powers and Institutions (3 hours)

LES 416 The American Constitution and Civil Liberties (3 hours)

LES 489 Closing Seminar (3 hours)


Course descriptions


Common LES Electives (offered on a rotating basis)

LES 351 The American Jury

LES 354 Philosophy of Law

LES 376 Trial Advocacy

LES 402 Legal Writing and Analysis

LES 403 Civil Practice Skills

LES 404 Law and Inequality

LES 413 Appellate Advocacy: Moot Court

LES 441 Poverty, Law and Justice

LES 446 Family Law

LES 447 Women in American Law

LES 448 Juvenile Law

LES 449 Employment Discrimination Law

LES 451 Law, Film and Popular Culture

LES 463 Labor Law

LES 464 Introduction to Human Rights

LES 465 International Human Rights Law: Skills and Advocacy

LES 469 So, You Want to Be a Lawyer

LES 474 Laws of Evidence

LES 478 Criminal Law

LES 488 Conviction of the Innocent