Stressing innovative teaching and experiential learning, the Legal Studies faculty take the UIS mission as a teaching institution seriously. The faculty have a broad base of experience and expertise that allows the Legal Studies Department to offer a wide range of courses to meet student needs and to provide a positive learning environment. All faculty members teach and advise students.

AnthonyDeborah Anthony, J.D., M.A.
Associate Professor, Legal Studies
Areas of Specialization: civil rights; constitutional law; race; gender; and class politics
E-mail: danth2@uis.edu
Telephone: (217) 206-8340
Office: PAC 338

Gwen Jordan, J.D., Ph.D.
Associate Professor and Chair, Legal StudiesGwen Jordan
Staff Attorney, Illinois Innocence Project
Areas of Specialization:  US legal history, critical race and feminist theory, women’s transnational social movements, legal profession, wrongful convictions
E-Mail: gjorda2@uis.edu
Telephone: (217) 206-8520
Office: PAC 334

Bio and Publications

Eugene McCarthy, J.D., Ph.D.Eugene McCarthy
Assistant Professor, Legal Studies
Areas of Specialization: Law, culture, and the humanities; legal rhetoric and philosophy; and American cultural studies
Email: emcca4@uis.edu
Telephone: (217) 206-8343
Office: PAC 336

Bio and Publications

Anette Sikka, J.D., Ph.D.AS headshot
Assistant Professor, Legal Studies
Areas of Specialization: International human rights, migration and the law, critical race/feminism, security sector reform
E-Mail: asikk2@uis.edu
Telephone: (217) 206-7878
Office: PAC 330

Riaz Tejani, J.D., Ph.D.Riaz Tejani
Assistant Professor, Legal Studies
Areas of Specialization: legal education, civil justice, globalization, comparative law, legal anthropology, political economy, North America, and Western Europe
E-Mail: rteja2@uis.edu
Telephone: (217) 206-6561
Office: PAC 338

Bio and Publications