Master’s Degree

The Master of Arts Degree in Legal Studies – On Campus or Online!

The Legal Studies Master’s Degree is an interdisciplinary approach to the study of law as a social phenomenon. The program emphasizes analytical and conceptual thinking as expressed both in writing and orally. Public policy and current social issues are interwoven with the study of law and lawmaking by the various political actors in the United States and globally.

The graduate curriculum in legal studies allows students to gain professional skills at various levels, as well as study legal theory and the role of law in American society. It provides students with a broad general understanding of the legal system, how the system works, how it interrelates with societal change, and how it helps people assert their rights. The curriculum seeks to develop the students’ professional and scholarly abilities with a view to the kinds of skills legal studies graduates will need in law-related careers or more advanced studies. Particular emphasis is placed on analytical thinking, research, and writing skills. The degree can be earned on campus or online.

If you have additional questions or would like to discuss the Legal Studies Master’s Degree in more detail, contact Rebekah Grosboll at or (217) 206-8545.