Master’s Degree: Curriculum Requirements

Curriculum Requirements

Please click here to view the curriculum requirements in the UIS Catalog.

Both the on-campus and the online Legal Studies Master’s Degree Programs have the same curriculum requirements.  To earn a Master’s of Arts Degree in Legal Studies from the University of Illinois Springfield (UIS) a student must successfully complete all 36 hours of required core courses and electives and, if necessary, the 4 hour preliminary course.

Preliminary Course (4 Credit Hours)*

LES 401: Legal Research and Citation (4 hours)

* This course may be waived for students who have already completed approved an equivalent.

Core Courses (20 Credit Hours)

All core courses are only offered online.  Both on-campus and online students must take their core courses online.

LES 501: Introduction to Graduate Legal Studies (4 hours)
LES 512: Theories of Justice (4 hours)
LES 513: Seminar in Politics and Law or LES 519: Seminar in Courts and Policymaking (4 hours)
LES 587: Public Advocacy (4 hours)
LES 504: Graduate Seminar or LES: 590 Thesis (4 hours)

Electives (16 Credit Hours)

The focus for the degree is conducted through four elective courses (with a minimum of two courses being LES prefixed electives).  Students may focus in a particular area of law or legal policy, and they may create their own focus from the resources of the Department, College, or University.  Suggested areas of focus include: Law and Public Policy, Human Rights and Social Justice, Criminal Justice, or Regulatory Compliance. Students enrolled in the UIS Graduate Public Service Internship Program (GPSI) may count the GPSI Seminar course towards their non-LES electives. Similarly, students enrolled in the Illinois Legislative Staff Internship Program (ILSIP) may count the ILSIP: Academic Seminar towards their non-LES electives.

Click here for descriptions of Legal Studies courses.  Please note that not all courses are offered every semester.

Online Coursework

Online students can complete all of their required coursework, as well as their preliminary course, 100% online. At this time the core courses are only offered online; therefore, on campus students must also take their core courses online.