Language Placement Test

Our Placement Test is intended to evaluate students’ language level in order to place them in the appropriate language class.

PROSPECTIVE STUDENTS: Incoming students who wold like to study a language at UIS must take a Placement Test. Students who have received a previous college credit or AP credit are also required to take the Placement Test, should they want to continue studying that language at UIS. Students who have not formally studied the language that they want to study at UIS are not required to take the Placement Test. (Remember: the Modern Language Program has access to all the students’ transcripts.)

OBJECTIVE: The Placement Test is designed to better serve your personal academic goals. Please keep in mind that this test is truly a placement device. The score you get will not become part of your permanent record.

CONTENT: Each language Placement Test covers a wide variety of material and contains items ranging from the elementary level to the intermediate. The Placement Test covers the four basic language skills: listening comprehension (in some languages), reading, writing, and speaking.