About the Language Placement Test

On-campus placement test offered at UIS:

The placement test is designed to better serve your personal academic language goals.  Please keep in mind that this testing is truly a placement device. The score will not become part of your permanent record. The Placement Tests are intended to evaluate students’ language level in order to place them in the appropriate language class.

Incoming students who would like to study a language at UIS must take a placement test if the language is new to them.  Students who have received previous college credit or AP credit are also required to take the placement test, should they wish to continue in that language at UIS.

You start by filling out the Modern Language Information Form. If you elect to continue in the study of a language you have previously studied, and need to take the placement test, we will send you information about the next on-campus placement test.

Content: Each language placement test covers a wide variety of material and contains items ranging from the elementary level to the intermediate. The Placement Test covers the four basic language skills: listening comprehension, reading, writing, and speaking, depending on each student’s proficiency.  While a student may take a placement test in more than one of UIS’s languages during a testing period, he/she may not repeat a test in the same language during that testing period.

Time: Students are given an hour to complete each placement test. Summer Language Placement tests are conducted on the first day of each summer orientation session. Most tests are in an electronic format and will be taken in a computer lab on campus. If you are a current student, please send an email to asanch8@uis.edu with your name, class standing (for example “freshman”), the language you would like to take, and the number of years that you have studied the language. If you have not studied the language, please indicate that in the email.

Score: If your test score places you above the fourth semester level, you will be eligible to take a proficiency test to determine whether your language ability qualifies you to meet the language requirement.  In addition to satisfying the language requirement, a passing score will earn you four credit hours.

Honor Code: Students are expected to work to perform at their full capability while taking the placement exam.  Finally, remember that by deliberately doing poorly on the test in order to be placed in a course that is below your level of knowledge, you will do a disservice to other UIS students, who, as true beginners, are waiting for a seat in a beginning class. In addition, your instructor may consider your language level in class when grading your work in class.

Again, if you will be studying a language that is new to you, you do not need to take the test. You will simply register for the course when you come to Summer Orientation. In either case, your prompt response to the Information Form will help us help you to plan for fall semester classes.