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Student fees may rise next Fall

October 28, 2009
By Laurel Bollinger
Public Affairs Reporter

The Student Government Association met Sunday and heard proposals to increase student fees for fiscal year 2011.  The combined proposed total increases fees $38.00.  The break down includes two service fees, a $7.00 increase in the Campus Activity fee and a $17.00 increase for the Intercollegiate Athletic fee. 

The Campus Activity fee would go to late-night programming and other leadership development programs. Currently the Late Night Stars activities attract crowds of up to 300 people.  The Intercollegiate Athletic fee would aid in the athletic department’s move to the NCAA.

Other fees include a $12.00 increase for the new Recreation Center fee to help take care of operational necessities due to higher expenditures than predicted.  Lastly there was a proposed Health fee increase of $2.00.

The SGA also passed a resolution to request Housing to submit “differentiated rates for the 2011 financial year, reflecting the current asset inequality, for Founders Hall and Lincoln Residence Hall.”

Director of Nursing Lynne Price gave a report to the SGA on UIS H1N1 cases.  Price said that cases peaked about two weeks ago and there were less calls last week.  “We’ve been very fortunate.”  So far there have been between 60 and 65 non-confirmed cases but all had the telltale symptoms.

The SGA also now has its own Twitter account with the username UISSGA.