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October 28, 2009

PhoenixBest Song: “1901” by Phoenix

The song “1901” is quickly topping favorite lists all over the country, as Phoenix makes its American debut in a commercialized way.  The French band has made its way to upcoming stardom via retail store soundtracks, but recently graduated to a more familiar media.

If the alternative pop chorus of “1901” sounds familiar, “Fallin’, fallin’, fallin,’” it probably is.  The song is probably best known from the new advertisement for the 2010 Cadillac SRX, but the best thing being sold in the commercial is the band and not the car.

“1901” has a mellow electronic pop feel, and the Cadillac advertisers got something right—the song is definitely peppy enough to race a car to.

Rob ThomasWorst Falling Star: Rob Thomas

Rob Thomas—let it go already, please.

Breakthrough single artists are so unsettling.  Their songs come out on the radio, and initially the idea seems like a good one.  The tune is catchy, the sound is familiar, but yet…something is missing.  Oh, yeah—the rest of the band.

Matchbox Twenty had a great run of it; just take the success and let it go.  I’d rather listen to Matchbox Twenty’s mediocre predecessor Tabitha’s Secret than listen to the extreme progression of Rob Thomas’s heart-melting trash. 

Why does Rob Thomas continue to release such awful solo music?  More interesting, why do radio stations continue to play such awful solo music?  The world may never know.

17 AgainBest Movie: 17 Again

This movie is the best for one reason and one reason only: Zac Efron, shirtless.  If nothing else, he’s so beautiful to look at that the movie’s hour and forty minute length almost isn’t long enough.  Other than that, the movie has a typical plotline—but at least they admit it in one scene, poring over comic books for similarities to the situation.

Best Actress: Michelle Trachtenberg lets out her inhibitions for Zac Efron.  Who can blame her?

Best Line: “This is cool. This is hip. There's a picture of Kevin Federline wearing the exact same thing.”

Also (never) Watch: High School Musical, High School Musical 2, High School Musical 3.

-Valeree Dunn