September 22nd



Banner frustrates students, staff

A team of computer engineers has been working to speed up the performance of Banner, the software for the university’s $186 million integrated technology system, after its slow performance this semester caused registration delays and generated high levels of stress among UIS staff members.

In a statement e-mailed to UIS students on Aug. 30, UIS Chancellor Richard Ringeisen said that Banner was performing at an unacceptable level, and university officials were doing everything they could to fix the problems.

Normajean Niebur, a Secretary IV in the criminal justice and public health departments, said that Banner is not a student-friendly system, it is not efficient, and it seems to have created more problems than it has solved.

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State Schools Limited in New Student Enrollment, UIS Shines

Total enrollment among state universities has remained steady while new student enrollment continues to rise.  While total enrollment at UIS remains steady, the increase of new faces on campus has risen to an all time high. 

According to Cheryl Peck, Director of Public Relations, total enrollment at UIS has remained near its Fall 2003 total of 4,574 students, an increase of 3 percent over 2002.

 “Our fall 2004 numbers are still being assessed due to ongoing enrollment for classes beginning in October, however, we expect numbers to remain nearly the same.”

 Peck also noted some discrepancies between numbers released by the admissions office and the Provost’s office due to this late registration.

“We hope to get this matter straightened out within the next week,” Peck said.  “2nd half” classes typically begin in October, eight weeks into the semester.  Since registration continues for these classes, enrollment numbers are often inaccurate early in the fall semester. 

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