October 6th



Faculty debate admissions criteria for gen ed undergrads

Members of the General Education Working Group discussed admissions criteria and housing plans at an open forum Friday, as part of the planning process for the new group of four-year undergraduates expected to be incorporated into the student body effective fall 2006.

The working group is responsible for developing a new curriculum and a plan for the expansion of the lower division, according to Karen Moranski, associate professor of English and director of the Capital Scholars program. Both tasks must be completed by February 2005.

The university’s fiscal year 2006 operating budget request, which the Board of Trustees approved last month, would allocate $2 million for the general education expansion. Moranski said that the funding was designated primarily to pay for the expansion of the lower division.

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Neil Calderon runs for County Auditor

Neil Calderon, the Democratic candidate for Sangamon County Auditor, held a press conference Wednesday, September 29, at UIS to unveil his plan to educate high school and college students about credit cards and debt.

Calderon, a 25-year-old UIS graduate, works as a middle school teacher at Douglass Alternative School and will be on the ballot Nov. 2 for Sangamon County Auditor.  The County Auditor is responsible for monitoring the internal financial operations of the county and keeping the county’s general accounts.

At his Wednesday press conference, Calderon went before students, UIS faculty and staff to discuss his concerns about student credit card debt. 

“Credit plays a big role in people’s lives, from buying a home to getting a job,” said Calderon.  “With so many credit opportunities available to young people its important for them to make wise choices.”

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