October 20th



Keyes: Abortion more than ‘just one issue’

Senate candidate visits UIS on campaign trail

National security, taxation and the “collapse” of the family structure are all examples of issues that Republican U.S. Senate Candidate Alan Keyes speaks about regularly while on the campaign trail, but the issue that separates him from his opponent, Democratic state Sen. Barack Obama, most of all is abortion.

In a speech held following his Oct. 12 debate with Obama, Keyes said that the abortion issue separates him from his opponent by a “deep abyss.” The College Republicans and the Society of Conservative Students co-sponsored the speech, which was held in the Lincoln Residence Hall Great Room.

According to Keyes, a two-time presidential candidate and former U.S. ambassador to the United Nations Social and Economic Council, Illinois voters will face a choice on Nov. 2 that is both fundamental and critical largely because of the abortion issue.

“Everybody says, ‘That’s just one issue,’” Keyes said. “That’s nonsense. It’s just like saying … slavery was just one issue, or civil rights was just one issue, or something like that. … If we do not respect the truth that all men are created equal and endowed by their creator – not by human choice – with their inalienable rights, then every other aspect of our way of life will fall to pieces.”

Abortion, according to Keyes, is justified by supporters of abortion rights in much the same way that slavery was justified – through the use of a developmental argument. Proponents of slavery in 19th century America sought to prove that the black slaves belonged to an inferior race that had not achieved full humanity, he said.

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