February 25th


Emiquon: Lab for the Future

Dr. Michael Lemke, UIS associate professor of biology, is leading the effort to restore the Emiquon floodplain along the Illinois River as part of a remediation effort beginning this summer in partnership with the Nature Conservancy and other regional scientists. The once-vast Thompson Lake, which served as a food bank for the area, was drained starting in 1917, and since then the wetland complex has been pummeled by a constant barrage of urban runoff, industrial waste, and agricultural effluent dumped into the Illinois River.

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Documentary shows gangster’s true colors

Charlie Birger has left quite a legacy in southern Illinois. The Prohibition-era gangster was so prominent during the 1920s that a lot of people living in southern Illinois today have a Charlie Birger story to tell. Like other gangsters and mobsters, Birger is often glorified, and he’s sometimes even portrayed as a Prohibition-era Robin Hood. The makers of a new PBS documentary, however, are seeking to change this perception by focusing on the crimes Birger committed.

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