February 18th


Mechanism to admit gen ed freshmen still undecided

UIS Chancellor Richard Ringeisen is considering a variety of mechanisms to allow for the admission of non-Capital Scholar freshmen, but the idea of admitting actual freshmen as transfer students with zero credit hours is not one of them.
Ed Wojcicki, associate chancellor for constituent relations, and Provost Michael Cheney both said that Ringeisen has never announced or even considered plans to admit prospective students with zero credit hours as transfer students.
“If he ever said it – and I don’t think he ever said it – if he ever said it, it was in jest of something that we wouldn’t consider doing,” Cheney said. “But I don’t think he’s ever even said it.”

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UPI Pickets for Promised Raise

“Wes ate the 2.8!”  Union members say the 2.8% raise promised to the clerical and support staff was omitted from the contract by Wes Weisenburn, UIS Assistant Vice President for Human Resources.  Union members say the terms of an agreement between union negotiators and Weisenburn, reached with the assistance of a federal mediator and ratified by union members on January 6, differed significantly from terms of the contract presented for signature on January 23.  Members of the UIS chapter of the University Professionals of Illinois (UPI) Local 4100 labor union were joined by union members from around the state last Thursday as they chanted and sang on a picket line outside the Public Affairs Center.  

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