December 3rd

Banner postpones week-long Thanksgiving Break

Following years of low attendance rates in classes meeting on the Monday, Tuesday, and especially the Wednesday before Thanksgiving, Campus Senate approved an academic calendar last year that includes a weeklong Thanksgiving break.

The senate originally planned for the calendar to be put into effect this academic year, but they postponed the implementation until next year after learning that this year’s existing academic calendar had already been programmed into Banner, the software for the university’s $186 million integrated technology system.

Doug Woken, interim director and clinical instructor at the Center for Teaching and Learning, said that it would have required changing approximately 46,000 different screens in Banner to replace the existing academic calendar with the new one.

According to Pat Langley, chairwoman of Campus Senate and professor of women’s studies and legal studies, the members of the senate wanted the new calendar to be implemented this academic year. However, the senate members did not think it would be reasonable to require a university clerical worker to put in countless hours reprogramming Banner after already having spent an incredible amount of time programming the existing calendar, she said.

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UIS Celebrates Many Holidays This Season

Many people spend all year planning for Christmas. Some purchase gifts in advance, while others prefer last minute shopping at the late night sales. The gifts are hidden in clever spots until Christmas morning, when they are anxiously opened. Trees are nicely trimmed and large dinners are served on this day.

UIS is a university rich in cultural diversity and with such diversity comes many traditions. Here are a few celebrations UIS students will be a part of this holiday season:

Ramadan is a month of fasting, which occurs during the ninth month of the Islamic calendar. According to sources, Ramadan begins in a different month each year because it is calculated by a lunar calendar. This year, Ramadan was held on Oct. 15, making its debut before Christmas and Hanukkah. Ramadan is a holiday dedicated to fasting and worship. Fasting is done in the daytime followed by light meals at night.

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