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USAS demands fair trade during national action week

Fair trade and fair working conditions were the themes associated with National Action Week April 11 to April 18.  Events were sponsored by the UIS Chapter of United Students against Sweatshops (USAS).

One of the main events of National Action Week was a presentation of the Collateral Damage tour on Tuesday, April 14, sponsored by Witness for Peace. Blanca Velázquez, Dave Lippman, and the Reverend Grayland Hagler discussed the continuing U.S. occupation in Iraq and U.S. foreign policies in countries such as Mexico and Nicaragua.

Lippman poked fun at U.S. occupation in Iraq with his song entitled, “When there is oil I’ll be there.”

Hagler said that U.S. officials had to change the name of Operation Iraqi Liberation after they realized that the acronym spelled oil.  “They had to change it so we didn’t catch on.  This is an example of the orchestrated attempts to dumb down our society,” he said.

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University Hall on Schedule

When classes start in the fall, many will be in the new $31.5 million University Hall.  Michelle Green, UIS director of marketing, said the price tag reflects costs to completion.  “That’s everything”, Green said.  Included in the figure cited by Green are the costs of paint, carpet, furniture, hardware, and electronics.

Perhaps most important to the campus community, Cheryl Peck, university relations, told the Journal that the new building will be ready for its tenants in late June and the move will take place over the summer of 2004.  “We have every expectation that the building will be finished on time,” Peck said.

Serious money builds a serious building:  the new classroom building will be four stories tall, 129,000 square feet and will house a mix of classrooms, labs and administrative offices.  The remaining funds needed to complete the Building were made available from the Capital Development Fund in the fiscal year 2003 budget, signed into law in June, 2002.

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University Hall nears completion; move expected to begin in July

With the University Hall construction project more than 70 percent complete, the four-story classroom/office building is expected to be fully operational by the time the fall semester begins.

                Dave Barrows, Director of Physical Planning and Operations, said that the construction work should be “substantially complete” by early July, at which time faculty and staff members would begin moving into their new offices. The move will probably take several weeks, and it’s likely that faculty and staff will finish moving into the building by mid to late July, he said.

                The project was initially scheduled for completion in early June, but it’s now expected to be completed in early July mostly because the masonry contractor has not manned the job properly, Barrows said.

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