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 October 25, 2006

Volume 25, Issue 7

UIS Police Beat

Featured Articles

UIS group to be eye Witness for Peace

Every day we see and hear coverage of wars, famines, natural disasters and day-to-day human struggles going on world-wide.  It is easiest to imagine ourselves in "their shoes" when the scene is described by those closest in proximity. 



From "The Day of the Dead' to treats and tricks, millions observe Halloween

Boo. Are you really scared?  In a matter of days Halloween will be here and millions of Americans will be celebrating. 



Classics come in all frightful sizes

Halloween is a fun holiday for many people.  Watching cult classic movies is a pastime for more than a quirky few.  Where these overlap the potential is tremendous. 

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Halloween for the big kid in all of us

As the leaves begin to lose pigmentation and eventually fall to the ground this indicates a variety of events will soo be taking place during this lovely season. 



Photograph by Erin Sibley


The Journal Business Manager at UIS grad student Erin Sibley dresses up her two dogs in Halloween garb.  The pitbulls, Athene, 5 months old, (left) and Ahab, nearly 2 years old (right) pose as Sibley snaps a photo for a Happy Halloween card.  The Business Administration student says this was a one time thing; she couldn't get them to sit still for another photo op. 


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