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 October 4, 2006

Volume 25, Issue 5

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Featured Articles

Emails from credit union a scam

Thousands of students at the University of Illinois Springfield receive an e-mail from Decatur Earthmover Credit Union last Tuesday.  The trouble is, Earthmover Credit Union never sent out the e-mail.         



Signs of night life on campus

What to do?  Midnight on a Friday night and on a mission:  finding entertainment that doesn't require jumping into a car and leaving campus.  For many on campus residents, this poses a challenge.    



Queer Straight Alliance wants equality at UIS

The Queer Straight Alliance wants a home of its own on the UIS campus.  Renee Rathjen and Daniel McCarthy, QSA co-chairs, made those wishes official on Friday, Sept. 22, with a written proposal for an Office of Lesbian, Gay, Bi-sexual, Transgender, and Queer Concerns submitted to Dr. Christopher Miller, vice chancellor for student affairs. 


QSA Survey

Click here to participate in a reader survey poll.  The results will be published in a future edition of The Journal.


Photograph by TerryLynn Banks


Winner of last Sunday's Bratwurst Eating Contest, Cory Kimbrough, stares down his opponents as he shovels in the last bits of his brats.  Out of four contestants, Nico Echols (left) came in third at the German Club's event last weekend.  

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