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 September 27, 2006

Volume 25, Issue 4

We now have classifieds!

It's a small start, but all great things have small beginnings.  Click here to see the current listings or click the ADVERTISE link above to learn how to place your classified ad.

Featured Articles

UI system could go global

The University of Illinois is on the verge of building a fourth campus -- a virtual campus.       



Housing issues back on the SGA table

At the UIS Student Government meeting on Sunday, a proposal to raise student fees and housing costs came before the association for consideration.  




Reality show moves into round two

The writers of the Declaration of Independence should have added to the list of unalienable rights:  the pursuit of a career. 



Campus group spells their name in Greek letters

Sophomore roommates Yana Nayshtut and Julia Khnykin were tired of not being as involved in UIS campus organizations as they wanted to they decided to create their own club.


Do you think Greek Life should be brought to the UIS campus?

Click here to participate in a reader survey poll.  The results will be published in a future edition of The Journal.



Ashley Wade and Kim Steele block this ball and tell Hannibal-LaGrange, "Not in our House!"

Photograph by Jeremy Wilburn

Prairie Stars earn conference split last week

Superdome back again for Monday night game

Weekend games cancelled due to storms

Star of the Month - Kathleen Brancato

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