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 September 20, 2006

Volume 25, Issue 3

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Featured Articles

Students take on recycling

Groups of students from a range of political backgrounds are banding together to bring recycling back to the entire UIS campus.     





University remembers Bob Raebig

Friends gathered near a plot of land south of campus last Friday to commemorate the life of UIS graduate and employee, Bob Raebig. 




Editors' Correction

In last week's article “Star parties shine again at Brookens” the word “astrology” was used interchangeably with “astronomy.”  These words are very different.

Astronomy is the science of the position, movement, and properties of celestial bodies. Astrology is concerned with the foretelling of events (even moral ones, a.k.a. horoscopes).

For fear of further misuse, please note the mistake and the words' meanings.

Thank you.




UIS defender Guiseppe Mastrolonardo fights for the ball against the IIT goaltender.

Photograph by Jeremy Wilburn

Road trip ahead

UIS Volleyball heads south for the weekend

Stars rest up before next match

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