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 April\ 18, 2007

Volume 4, Issue 2

What do you say?


Handle conflicts and find resolutions effectively

Devotion has rhythm, rhyme, and reason

Springfest:  A tradition with history at UIS

An easy "How To" guide on breaking up

Cricket anyone?

Summer Music Festivals 101


Editor's Note

Beyond is a magazine developed by the folks at your campus paper. You might have seen it before - it comes out once a semester, and stays on the shelf until next semester's edition replaces it.

It is an amalgamation of thoughts and interests that have been collected through a variety of paths and years gone by. The writers in this publication are sharing what has been in their heads lately. It's quite entertaining, but terribly resistant to classification.

Typically, the editors of Beyond find ways to sum up stories, and then categorize them into quaint little sub-sections. Such organization is possible, and visually pleasing; but this time it just wouldn't work.

I attribute the resistance to be categorized wholly to our writers. When left to toil with thoughts, ideas and words (in that order), the result is never ordinary. We take a look and
say, “OK. What does Cricket have to do with Matisyahu? Nothing. Very good, then. You'll go on page 6.”

And it's wonderful! We have selected a group of people whose thoughts are too diverse to be arranged in sections – that means there is a good chance of you finding something enjoyable
to read. And there's also a good chance of our writers being fun, un-boxy people...just like our readers. So, here's to that. Remaining beyond the box forever. Enjoy reading.


Photograph by Mike Milkulski






What's inside!


Dating advice








Spring Fest


Summer Storms


Stress Management


...and more! 






Beyond is an editorially independent

news magazine produced by the staff

of The Journal, the student newspaper

at the University of Illinois at Springfield.

Our mission is to provide our readers with

thought-provoking news and features that go

beyond the classroom and beyond what is

found in the student newspaper.

Our staff upholds the professional and ethical

standards as outlined in The Journal Code of

Conduct and the Editorial Board Bylaws and Procedures.

Thanks for reading The Journal!