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 February 21, 2007

Volume 26, Issue 4

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Featured Articles

'Suspicious' fire cleared

After nearly three months without a laundry room, Sunflower residents can rest assured--arson was not the cause of December's fire.  



Senate says proposed online campus hurts UIS most of all

Last Friday the UIS Campus Senate met to voice their concerns about university President B. Joseph White's Global Campus initiative.  Many in the Senate say they believe White is ignoring UIS concerns about the proposal.   



Online applications available this year

By late summer of this year, UIS housing applications should finally be made available to students online, says John Ringle, Director of Housing:  "We are migrating to a new software provider for a better product and planning to buy an Oracle server for maintaining our online databases. 



    Photograph by TerryLynn Banks


These are no bandits - the snow crew clears foot paths after last Tuesday's blizzard.


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