Internship Steps

Steps to arrange to complete an Internship for credit: You should start this process the semester BEFORE you plan to complete the Internship for credit!!!

  1. Meet with your adviser to determine if you are ready to complete an Internship for credit and how many credits you need.
  2. Prepare your resume.  Business Administration students- this involves completing the Business Students Preparation for Internship Requirements (While these are not required for other majors at this time, we encourage everyone to complete them as it is a good process to prepare for applying and interviewing for internships.)
  3. Start looking for an internship.
  4. Apply to one or more internships that you are interested in (typically recommended to apply for at least 3).
  5. Participate in the internship employer’s interview process.
  6. Once you have accepted an internship fill out the Internship Project Outline
    • This gets signed by your internship supervisor and your academic advisor
  7. Turn your signed form into the Internships & Prior Learning Services office- BRK 482;, fax: 217-206-7415; This form must be submitted to the Internships & Prior Learning Services office by the first week of class.
  8. Once your form is received your permission to register for the course will be submitted- EXL 300 (or EXL 301 for Projects)
  9. Start keeping a daily journal on your start date that you indicated on the Project Outline (even if the semester has not started yet- hours that you don’t have journal entries for will not be counted.)  See the Curriculum section of the website- check out Chapter 2 of the Internship Services Handbook for details on the journal.
  10. Participate in the Blackboard course and complete assignments for the Internship course.  Check out the Curriculum section of the website for more details on what the course entails.

If you would like assistance or have questions about this process, you can set up a meeting to meet with an Internship Services advisor, email, or call 217-206-6640.

Updated: July 2015