Course List

Internship Services offers the following course for UIS credit. To learn more about the course description, please consult the UIS catalog. Students may not register for the class without Special Approval from the Internship Services Office. Special Approval is obtained by submitting a fully executed Internship/AST Project Outline form.  Your completed Internship/AST project Outline form must be submitted to the Internship Services office by the first week of class in order for you to be given permission to register for that semester.

EXL 300 General Applied Study Term (2-12 credits) May be used to fulfill ECCE requirements. Available on-ground or online.

EXL 301 Project AST (2-12 credits) May be used to fulfill ECCE requirements. Available online or on-ground. 

Please note the Guidelines for Internship Course Beyond 6 Credit Hours