Thank you for considering partnering with Internship Services at the University of Illinois Springfield.   Please review some basic information about hosting an intern: Employer Info

Please send your current internship job description, or modify our Model Job Description, and send it to internship@uis.edu

We are grateful for your help, most especially for the time and attention you give the student.

For further assistance, contact Laura Bandy, Coordinator of Internships and Prior Learning, 217-206-8526 or email lbandy@uis.edu

Ways you can provide an internship:

  • Pay them directly yourself.
  • Participate in our grant matching program funded by the IL Dept. of Education Illinois Cooperative Work Study Program.  Laura Bandy can provide you with more information about this program.
  • Provide a volunteer placement.  If providing a volunteer placement you must read and sign the Unpaid Interns Employer Agreement Form

Additional Information

What can the Internship program do for you and your business?

  • The opportunity to employ a qualified college student to assist with the daily operations, special projects or assignments.
  • Gain someone who brings a fresh perspective to your organization, who is committed to success, and who can expand an organization’s capacity.Interns are eager to help and they bring to the internship the academic preparation of an almost-completed degree. They also tend to be well-read in current theory and practice as a result of their coursework.
  • Successful interns create a walking advertisement for your organization. They are natural advocates for your organization on campus. They will soon be members of the professional world within which your organization operates.
  • You may find a well-qualified new employee. By definition, an internship does not provide a guarantee of future employment, but internships often serve as a cost-effective strategy for identifying and training potential new employees.
  • You may help increase talent retention within the region, which strengthens the overall economy.
  • You help the University of Illinois at Springfield produce better-prepared employees for the future.
  • You may increase the diversity in your company’s workforce.
  • Through your intern’s connections back to the university, you may also gain new access to informational and technical networks and resources, faculty expertise, and research facilities.
  • The greatest benefit of hosting an intern is likely to be the educational benefit for both you and the intern.As a full, active partner in setting learning goals and helping the intern achieve those goals, your organization becomes the kind of learning environment which will lead to future success in the global information economy.

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Flexible Internship Scheduling

Fall or spring semesters:

20 hours per week for 15-16 weeks, or
10 hours per week for 15-16 weeks

Summer semester:

40 hours per week for 8 weeks, or
20 hours per week for 8 weeks

Keep in mind that students begin looking for a placement during the semester before they will enroll for Applied Study Term.

UIS Academic Schedule (approximate time periods)

Spring Semester:

mid-January to early May


June to July (internships may begin in May and end in August)

Fall Semester:

mid-August to mid-December

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Hosting an intern: a win/win situation

An intern can be a dynamic and profitable addition to company or organization of any size. Not only are most interns highly motivated and quick learners, but they can bring new life into a company in the form of fresh ideas and the latest trends in technology.

You won’t be disappointed, and you can be sure your interns will love the opportunity to be a part of your workplace.

We know that people who supervise internships are busy people. You want to help the intern succeed, but you have limited time and resources to support them. We would like to make this a practical, easy-to-do experience for you. Feel free to contact us regarding any questions or support that you may need: internship@uis.edu or lbandy@uis.edu

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