F-1 Students

In order to maintain valid F-1 status, you must not work in the United States, unless the employment is specifically authorized under one of these categories:

  1. On-campus employment
  2. Employment authorized because of severe economic hardship
  3. Certain employment sponsored by international organizations
  4. Practical training (Curricular or OptionalCompare the two options)
  5. OPT STEM Extension

All of these categories require that you be currently maintaining valid F-1 status. If you are out of status, you are not eligible for this or any other F-1 benefit. Each employment category has specific eligibility requirements. Please review these carefully and discuss them with a DSO.

J-1 Exchange Visitors

Each Exchange Visitor category has its own rules governing employment. J-1 students may engage in two kinds of employment:

  1. Academic training related to the course of study
  2. Other employment related to academic funding, on-campus work, or economic necessity

Each kind of employment has its own criteria and limits.

J-1 professors or researchers are permitted to work as described on the Form DS-2019 and may accept additional employment as authorized by the sponsor in accordance with the regulations. J-1 visiting scholars at UIS should not accept any employment not stipulated on the Form DS-2019 without consultation with the Responsible Officer.

All students seeking employment will want to become familiar with the student employment procedures and UIS Career Connect. Hands supporting globe