Travel Information

Traveling to UIS

Destination: Springfield, Illinois, U.S.A.

  • Please notify The Office of International Student Services, (217) 206-6678, or by e-mail of your arrival date and time.
  • There are many ways to reach Springfield using public transportation: plane, train or bus. There are also taxis available in Chicago and St.Louis, but the fare to Springfield would be extremely expensive.
  • Plan your arrival time in Chicago or St. Louis for morning or early afternoon so that you can reach Springfield while most University offices are open. Our campus is open from 8:30 a.m. to 5 p.m. Monday through Friday.

The following information should assist you in making your travel plans.


  • If you are flying into USA, you will have to clear US customs at your initial port of entry. Once that has been taken care of you will need to proceed, with your baggage, to the domestic airline that you will be using to fly into Springfield. It is possible to fly directly into Springfield from a number of airports in the USA, including Chicago and St. Louis. Depending on your initial port of entry, you may need to change flights in order to reach Springfield.
  • If you fly into John F. Kennedy airport in New York you may need to transfer to La Guardia airport to catch your domestic flight. You should go to the Ground Transportation information station and ask for assistance in arranging for a shuttle or a taxi.
  • You can find the information on flights at Capitol Airport in Springfield website or by calling (217) 788-1060.
  • Capitol Airport is on the north side of Springfield and is about 15 miles from UIS campus. With advance notification someone from UIS can meet you at the airport. A taxi ride to the campus will cost about $20.


  • Springfield has an Amtrak train station and is served by trains from Chicago and St. Louis daily.
  • In order to travel from Chicago to Springfield by Amtrak train, after clearing customs and getting luggage, go to the Ground transportation information station in the terminal and inquire about the Chicago Transit Bus to the Amtrak station. The bus will cost only a few dollars. A taxicab to downtown will cost about $30.