International Students

“The more internationally diverse we become, the richer the educational experience that we provide will be.” – Dr. Susan Koch, Chancellor

Welcome Party Spring 2011

In today’s world, as never before, comprehensive internationalization of higher education has become an essential mandate, not just an option. Although internationalization of the academic curriculum, adding international instructors to our faculty, and sending US citizens abroad all make extremely important contributions to the overall internationalization effort, nothing does more to enrich the educational experience of all our students and, indeed, of our entire community than the extended sojourn among us of students who come from all over the world to complete their studies at UIS. For the many of us who are able to visit or live in only one or two other countries during an entire lifetime, the opportunity to learn from our international students of the myriad diversity of cultures around the world and, even of how persons from those many cultures view our own culture, provides that enriching of the educational experience that our Chancellor has described as can nothing else. The Office of International Student Services is extremely proud of the role that we play in helping to support international diversity on our campus and in our community. – Rick Lane, Director, OISS