Other J-1 Student Employment

A J-1 university student may engage in part-time employment other than academic training when the employment meets certain criteria, and the student meets certain conditions.

J student employment can be authorized by the RO/ARO for the following types of employment:

  • Employment pursuant to the terms of a scholarship, fellowship, or assistantship
  • Employment that occurs on the premises of the post-secondary accredited educational institution the visitor is authorized to attend
  • Employment that occurs off-campus, which is necessary because of serious, urgent, and unforeseen economic circumstances that have arisen since acquiring exchange visitor status.

The RO/ARO must authorize the student employment in advance, before the employment begins. Authorization can be granted in periods of up to 12 months at a time, although sponsors are free to grant authorization for shorter periods.

Students in good standing are eligible for on-campus employment authorization. Employment is limited to 20 hours a week except for official school breaks and the student’s annual vacation, when it may be full-time. Like all employment in J-1 student status, on-campus employment must be authorized in advance by the RO/ARO of the program that issued the DS-2019.