The International House

The University of Illinois Springfield International House provides a unique opportunity for qualified students to live with and learn from other students representing multiple countries, cultures, and languages. It is truly an immersion experience – meaning each student will live each day surrounded by the sounds, sights, smells, textures, and tastes of the countries represented by his or her roommates and housemates. Such an experience is usually only available through an extended period of living abroad. Now it is available right on campus.

The mission of the International House is: ” To create a living-learning environment where students:

  1. reflect upon their home culture
  2. develop the ability to share their personal knowledge and experiences as a member of that culture
  3. learn about and accept the cultures, experiences, and personal Knowledge of other students.”

Students who participate in the International House Program can opt to live in a specially designated and newly renovated apartment in Bluebell Court.  The program has been so successful that students who live on the UIS campus may also join in this program.  Students will enjoy free admission to selected Sangamon Auditorium events and special cultural excursions. Weekly programs that they will help to lead will be funded by the International House including interesting dialogues with special guests, shared meals, music and media programs, etc.

The rent for the International House participants will be the same as for other Bluebell Court residents.

Additional information about the program can be found on the International House Flier.

Interested students should submit the following:

1) An International House Program Application to the Office of International Student Services

2) A regular UIS Housing Application to the Housing Office (or choose the International House on your renewal form)

Any questions regarding the International House program should be addressed to the Office of International Student Services.







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