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UIS has sufficient housing for all international students who desire to live on campus. You should keep in mind, however, that the number of openings in each type of housing is limited. Prospective students that apply early are more likely to receive a housing assignment that matches their preferences.

There are many advantages to living on campus as opposed to finding your own off-campus housing, not the least of which is knowing that you will have a place to live as soon as you arrive. Although some off-campus housing may be available at a lower cost, the difference will seldom offset the cost in transportation expenses, time commuting each day, the general inconvenience of living far from where you study, and the loss of campus social life. You should seriously consider living on campus at least until you have gotten settled in the U.S.

If after you have paid your housing deposit, your student visa is denied, your deposit will be refunded. Simply contact the Housing Office, request the refund, and send them a copy of the denial letter issued by the U.S. consular official. So, please do not wait until later to request your campus housing. Doing so will make things much more difficult for the Housing Office and for you. Contact Housing as soon as you receive your admission.

Once your housing assignment is made, unless you follow the correct procedures for obtaining permission to break your contract and that permission is granted, you will be obligated to pay for the entire cost of the period under contract. Please read the housing application carefully and contact the Housing Office with any question you may have before submitting the application.

  • To apply for housing, go to the housing website.
  • Click on the link Apply for Housing.  There you can download an application and the website offers useful information and answers any concerns you may have.  Contact them directly for any housing-specific questions.


  • Orientation for new students

    The Office of International Student Services (ISS) provides formal orientation programs each semester, including summer session. The orientation is mandatory to ensure pre-registration, academic advising and English proficiency testing, as well as required visa status document processing. The director, international peers, faculty and university service unit representatives, i.e. Housing, Health Insurance, Health Services, The Learning Hub, Library and host community volunteers provide information, guidance and hand-outs to facilitate a smooth transition to the campus and community.

    In follow-up orientations, information is provided on academic, financial, personal, social, institutional, cross-cultural and governmental issues. Cultural and educational program participation is encouraged to facilitate a comprehensive, successful educational experience for each international student and scholar attending the university.


    In order to prepare for your arrival at UIS, we would like you to view the following documents and bring them with you to Check-In.  Please bring copies of your I-20, passport, visa, and I-94.

  • Refer to the information regarding your NetID and password if you need help obtaining these.
  • After creating your Net-ID and Password, update your current mailing address in Enterprise.
  • Select your Courses.
  • For Computer Science Students, all 400 level classes and online classes, and prerequisite classes require departmental approval. Computer Science Students needing to apply for 400 level classes should first send an email to: for departmental approval. The email must contain your UIN number, Course number and Section number. For Example:  CSC 470A.
  • After getting the departmental approval (for CSC only), students can register online for the classes:

Connect to: and select appropriate semester, select “Student and Faculty Self-Service”, select “University of Illinois at Springfield (UIS)”, enter your Net-Id & Password, select “Registration & Records”, select “Registration”, select “Look-up or Select Classes”, select “I Agree”, select Term, click Submit, select Subject, click Class Search, mark the Check-boxes for the Courses you want to register for that particular term, Click Register, enter CRN Number in the rectangle-boxes provided, click

Submit Changes. Now you are registered. Check your “Student Schedule – Detail” in “Registration-Menu” for registered course details.

See Financial Aid website for vacancies.

After getting a job, apply for Social Security Number.

  • Complete online GA (Graduate Assistantship) & GPSI (Graduate Program Service Internship) application form.

Take a copy of your resume to GA office or GPSI office. They share applications, so you need only go to one or the other – not both. Do not disturb others in offices near GA or GPSI. They are not in the GA/GPSI program and cannot help you.


Soon after arriving on campus, you should open a banking account.  There are many banks located in Springfield and you may choose whichever bank you prefer. Find out how you can bank with your i-card.


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