Requesting a New Form I-20

Do I need a new form I-20?

As you know, your form I-20 is one of the important documents that must remain up-to-date as long as you are in F-1 non-immigrant status. It should be carried with you whenever you travel, both inside the US and abroad, and it should be stored safely along with your passport, visa, and I-94 (Arrival/Departure Record). If you lose it, or any of your travel documents, the loss should be reported, and your documents should be replaced.

You do not need a new form I-20:

  • If you simply need to travel; the travel endorsement is sufficient
  • If you need to add an employer to your SEVIS record or move from one employer to another; that information will be recorded in your SEVIS record
  • If you have applied for a Change of Status to H-1B and have become eligible for the Cap-Gap extension; your H-1B receipt is sufficient evidence of your continued work authorization.

There may also be other times when you need a new form I-20. Here are some of those:

  • If your name changes
  • If your country of citizenship changes
  • If you transfer to a different school
  • If there is a change to your educational level, your major field of study, or your program completion date
  • If there is an unexpected change to your financial support
  • If you need to add a dependent
  • If you receive authorization to begin a new CPT segment
  • If you receive a recommendation for a new OPT segment
  • If you have a pending Change of Status and need to defer your start date
  • If the travel endorsement section becomes completely filled and you need a new travel endorsement
  • If your document becomes damaged to the extent that it is no longer legible
  • If you have lost your F-1 status and need to apply for reinstatement or re-enter the US to re-establish your status; this will be a new SEVIS record with a new SEVIS ID number

If any of these occur, please contact the Office of International Student Services, explain what has happened, provide supporting documents (if needed), and request a document reprint. If the reprint is needed urgently, please see our information about requesting an express mail service.