School Officials

Designated School Official (DSO)

At schools authorized to receive international students, one or more Designated School Officials are chosen by the school as official representatives to the U. S. government and authorized by the government to issue F-1 class non-immigrant student visa-related documents. UIS has eight:

  • Kim Omachinski, (PDSO)
  • Lori Atkinson,
  • Margaret Carlen,
  • Gwen Cribbett,
  • Jonathan GoldbergBelle,
  • Tracy Rakes,
  • Barbara Sykes,
  • Jolene Vollmer,

Principal Designated School Official (PDSO)

Each government-approved school must choose one DSO who will be responsible for all the DSOs at the school, who will maintain the official government records for international students, and who is authorized to make changes in the DSO team. The PDSO at UIS is Kim Omachinski,

Responsible Officer (RO)

All government-approved J-1 exchange visitor program sponsors appoint an RO to administer the program according to the regulations and to represent the sponsor to the U. S. government. Program administration refers to the daily operation of the program and includes selecting participants, providing pre-arrival and orientation information to participants, issuing Form DS-2019, overseeing the general activities of the participants, communicating with the U. S. Department of State, and maintaining records on the program. The RO at UIS is Jonathan GoldbergBelle,

Alternate Responsible Officer (ARO)

The Department of State encourages the appointment of up to ten additional Alternate Responsible Officers to meet the administrative demands of the program.