Office of International Student Services

Tracy Rakes

Joel Short

Jolene Vollmer

Erika Suzuki

Lauren McPherson

Dalia Anguiano

Tamarra Newbern

Rajat Sinha

International Student Advisors assist international students in understanding and following immigration laws and in applying for immigration benefits. They maintain the university’s immigration records and report regularly to US Citizenship and Immigration Services and the Department of Homeland Security regarding the status of international students. They also assist international students with other societal demands and cultural questions. They are not lawyers and are not employed by the US government. They work and advocate for the best interest of the international students and the university within the parameters of immigration regulations.

International Student Advising at The University of Illinois Springfield is provided by the Designated School Officials in the Office of International Student Services.

Questions regarding immigration issues not addressed on our website may be addressed to: