Rick Lane

Director, International Student Services, PDSO

Rachael Matingi

Immigration Specialist, DSO

Tracy Rakes

Immigration Specialist, DSO

 Joel Short

Immigration Specialist, DSO

                                   Jolene Vollmer

Immigration Specialist, DSO


Erika Suzuki

Program Coordinator

Immigration specialists assist international students in understanding and following immigration laws and in applying for immigration benefits. They maintain the university’s immigration records and report regularly to the various agencies of the Department of Homeland Security regarding the status of international students. They also serve as international student advisors and assist international students with other societal demands and cultural questions. They are not lawyers and are not employed by the US government. They work and advocate for the best interest of the international students and the university within the parameters of immigration regulations.

Our program coordinator collaborates with others in ISS, colleagues in other campus units, and student organizations to create, plan, and implement educational and cultural programs that assist our international students with their cultural adaptation and learning while also providing opportunities for domestic students to benefit from their interactions with our international students. If you see an event on our calendar, in our newsletter, or in a campus announcement, Erika almost certainly played some role in helping to make that event a reality.

International Student Ambassadors work closely with the Program Coordinator and serve the Office of International Student Services during international student orientation week and throughout the year with additional programming events.

The graduate assistant and student workers assist Immigration Specialists and the Program Coordinator with the functioning of the ISS office and program services. All members of the Office of International Student Services can be contacted at

Suparna Banerjee, Student Worker

Paul Duarte-Noe, Student Worker

Jiaying Li, Student Worker

Lauren McPherson, Graduate Assistant