Linda Mccown

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Meet Linda McCown
Associate Professor and Director, Clinical Laboratory Science



  • B.S. Medical Technology: Pennsylvania State University
  • M.S. Health Related Professions: University of Pittsburgh
  • Ph.D. in progress


  • I like sports, music and traveling. I play a little bit of guitar. I’ve been
    to Iceland, Egypt, Lichtenstein, Australia, A quote by Professor Linda McCown, "All of our CLS students get degrees and jobs when they graduate.  We have 100 percent job placement."and lots of other places. I’ve lived in every time zone except for Mountain Time. I grew up in Pennsylvania and I worked for 19 years in Washington State as an associate program director.

Major project underway:

  • I have two major projects. One of them is a self study for
    accreditation. Our program is accredited by NAACLS, a national organization which accredits clinical laboratory science programs once every seven
  • Then, of course, my dissertation. I’m
    exploring adult education, specifically how instructors who teach students in the clinical sites learn to be teachers. Oftentimes these instructors are doing bench work in a laboratory and then they are assigned students. I’m researching how they learn to teach and with that, what we can
    do to help them become better teachers.

Learning philosophy:

  • Students have different learning styles. I believe that adults (and I think students are adults, or are on their way to becoming adults, hopefully) are responsible for their own education. I can’t learn the material for them. They have to take responsibility for their education and I’m there to facilitate that. Not that I don’t teach, I certainly do. I give lectures and assignments, but they have to put in the time to learn it themselves.

Community connections:

  • I’m the president of the local Springfield southern branch of the American Society for Clinical Laboratory Science.

Advice for prospective students:

Best thing about the Clinical Lab Science program:

  • We have excellent faculty, excellent facilities, and, most importantly, we have excellent clinical facilities. Our students spend about 24 weeks in the clinical rotations in a hospital. We have Memorial Medical Center, Decatur, St. Mary’s and Methodist right now and our students rotate through those. It’s very important that students go to a good clinical site—our students go to two of the clinical sites so they get exposed to more than one way of doing things. All of our CLS students get degrees and jobs when they graduate. We have 100 percent job placement.