Peter Boltuc

Peter BoltucAnchor link to John Martin videoProfessor Boltuc on the benefits of a Philosophy degree

Meet Peter Boltuc
Associate Professor, Philosophy



  • B.A. in Philosophy from Warsaw University, Poland
  • M.A. in Philosophy from Warsaw University, Poland
  • Ph.D. in Philosophy and Sociology from Warsaw University, Poland
  • Ph.D. in Moral and Political Philosophy from Bowling Green State University, Ohio


  • Born in Warsaw, Poland. Married to a great philosopher (in aesthetics) for over 20 years; recently divorced.

Interesting Facts:

  • I appreciate my students and am open to working with them on various research projects.My mother was a well known radio journalist interviewing personalities in science and art, which gave me access to some of the top minds in Poland. I published a book of poems as an undergraduate student which received the prize for the best debutee book of the year.

Learning philosophy:

  • Most of my classes are online. I am very open to various learning styles, also in the classroom. I want students to learn clarity of thinking and expression (written and oral if the class is on campus). I also enjoy discussing all the aspects of philosophy, ethics, philosophy and technology, religion and so on. I appreciate my students and am open to working with them on various research projects. Almost every year my students, not just Philosophy majors, publish articles in peer reviewed journals written under my guidance, such as Rhonda Urban in E-Mentor on online learning and Blake Dournaee in Minds and Machines on my work in Machine Consciousness.

Research interests:

  • Machine Consciousness; Normative Moral Psychology; Political Philosophy

Major project underway:

  • Defending non-reductive machine consciousness (in a number of recent and upcoming articles)
  • Working on K. Dabrowski’s theory of positive disintegration
  • Writing a book arguing that within political theory, conservatism should be viewed as right wing communitarianism

Listen to Professor Boltuc on why you should study Philosophy:

Advice to prospective students:

  • Take general education early on, when it should be taken and do not procrastinate until the last semester.

Best thing about UIS:

  • Online learning that treats you as a regular student. Also blended and technology enhancement learning that opens the whole spectrum of opportunities between online and traditional on campus courses.