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Innocence Project University of Illinois Springfield

About Us

The Illinois Innocence Project (IIP) has a three-part mission:

  • to evaluate and investigate cases for credible claims of an Illinois inmate’s actual innocence, and, when appropriate, provide legal representation and/or other assistance toward proving the inmate’s actual innocence (Download a PDF copy of our Attorney Case Referral Form);
  • to encourage meaningful reforms toward preventing the conviction of innocent persons in the future;
  • to educate the public and provide important educational and experiential opportunities for students about wrongful convictions.

The Illinois Innocent Project goals are:

  • exoneration of innocent persons convicted of felony crimes in Illinois;
  • reform of the criminal justice system in Illinois and the nation through the education of students, citizens, and policy-makers about problems, causes, and possible reforms of a criminal justice system that results in conviction of the innocent.

How we accomplish our goals

  • by doing research and investigations on cases where there is a strong likelihood that the inmates, even though convicted, are actually innocent;
  • by conducting a variety of educational forums to educate citizens at large about the nature and severity of the problem of the conviction of the innocent.