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How to Search the UIS Website

The Search boxes on the UIS home page and on academic and department websites are powered by the Google Custom Search Engine.

When you enter a term in the search box, Google searches its index of our website. It analyzes each page in its index to determine the page’s relevance to the term you entered, and lists those pages on the results page.

Google not only searches web (HTML) pages, but it also searches PDF, Word, and other documents that are downloadable from our websites. Because we are an academic institution, many of our websites have multiple downloadable documents on their websites. All of these are indexed in a Google search.

The search box on our home page gives you a way to quickly search for a word or phrase. If you are looking for more particular results, use the Advanced Google Search. The link to the advanced search appears on the search results page, and on our main Search web page (see below). Use the boxes on the Advanced Google Search page to specify the words and phrases or document types you want. You can also specify a date range for your search.

To learn more about effective searches, click on the Search Help link at the top of the results page. The Search Help and Advanced Google Search links are also available on our main search web page located here:


We continue to work with Google when they make new features available, to improve our Search tools for the UIS website.

Any questions or concerns regarding search issues on the UIS site should be directed to the Office Of Web Services via email to webservices@uis.edu


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