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Mapping Network Storage

Information Technology Services at UIS manages several servers on campus that are used for storage. ITS continually allocates portions of this storage space to a variety of departments and individuals on the UIS campus.

When accessing a shared network folder it is important to know the following:

  • The name of the server or computer that the shared folder is on [such as uis10 or uisweb1].
  • The name of the shared folder that you are trying to access [such as DevelopmentShare or PublicAffairsDepartmentShare].

The shared network space can be mapped to your computer for easy access. Mapping and accessing network storage space is simple:

1. Click start located on the Start Menu on the lower left corner of your screen

2. Right-click on My Computer and select Map Network Drive.

Map Network Drive

3. In the Folder area you are going to type the name of the server that the shared folder is on followed by the name of the network folder itself [: \servernetworkfolder]. For this step the name you enter must not contain spaces and will sometimes be followed by a dollar sign. For example, the shared network folder for the Culinary Arts Department has been labeled “culinaryarts” by UIS Tech Support and it is located on the “uisweb1” server. Thus, \uisweb1culinaryarts$ would be entered in the Folder area.

4. Make sure the box next to Reconnect at logon is checked and then click Finish.

Reconnet at Login

5. Note that you may choose any Drive letter to be assigned to this network drive. It does NOT have to be assigned to Z.

IMPORTANT: To avoid confusion when talking to coworkers or technology support do not refer to a requested network drive by its drive letter. Try to find out the actual server name/workfolder when requesting connection.


Saving files to your networking drive

When you are using an application that allows saving [such as Word, Excel, PowerPoint, etc.] you can save directly to your network share. When you are using that application, simply do the following:

1. Click File and select Save As [or the specified Save feature for that application].

2. You should be presented with a new window. Click the drop-down box located next to “Save in:”

3. A list of destinations will appear. Your network drive should be available under its normal name [sharename ‘server’ (X:)]. Click on your drive and then click Save.

If you are not using a Microsoft application it is possible that your network drive will not have its usual name. In this instance, navigate to the letter that was assigned to the drive if possible and save there. [NOTE: If you have mapped your drive to a letter other than X: then search for that letter].


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Contact ITS

  • 217.206.TECH
    Toll Free: (877) 847-0443
    Email: techsupport@uis.edu
  • Media Lab
  • UHB Computer Lab
  • UIS Information Security
    Email: InfoSec@uis.edu

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