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Accessing Library Databases on Campus

  1. Go to the UIS home page at http://www.uis.edu and click on the “Library” hyperlink at the top of the page.
  2. On the Brooken’s Library page, click on “Brooken’s Bridge: Gateway to Library Databases”. This will take you to the listing of online databases.
  3. Click on the database of your choice. Most databases are accessible from on-campus without the need to enter a User I.D. and password. The “First Search” database requires a special authorization number and password which can be obtained from the UIS Library Reference desk.
  4. For a listing of all accessible databases, go to the following address: http://www.uis.edu/library/dblist.htm
  5. For a listing of all Full-Text databases, go to the following address: http://www.uis.edu/library/fulltxt.htm
  6. For a listing of databases you can use from anywhere, go to the following address: http://www.uis.edu/library/anywhdb.htm
  7. For a listing of On-Campus only databases, go to the following address: http://www.uis.edu/library/oncdb.htm

Contact ITS

  • 217.206.TECH
    Toll Free: (877) 847-0443
    Email: techsupport@uis.edu
  • Media Lab
  • UHB Computer Lab
  • UIS Information Security
    Email: InfoSec@uis.edu

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