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UISWiFi and the Wireless Web

With the rise of netbooks, PDAs, and tablet PCs, the computers of today are becoming smaller and more portable. So, what better way to enjoy your laptop or iPod Touch than to connect it to the Internet? With UISWiFi, portable devices can now establish a secure connection with the UIS network and the Internet without the need for VPN software. Also, thanks to ITS continually updating its network infrastructure, UISWiFi is now accessible on nearly all parts of campus! Connecting portable devices to the UIS network has never been easier. So, grab your new device, get it connected, and start enjoying a web without wires.

Connecting your Windows laptop
If recently purchased a new laptop then chances are that it came with Microsoft’s latest operating system, Windows 7. With this version of Windows it is even easier to get connected on campus. First, click the network icon in the system tray (bottom-right of screen) to display nearby wireless networks. Click UISWiFi and then click Connect. When prompted, enter your NetID and password. If you receive a Windows Security Alert, simply click Connect to continue.

If your laptop is running an earlier version of Windows (such as XP or Vista), please visit the UISWiFi website for information on getting connected.

Connecting your Macintosh
Getting a Macintosh laptop on UISWiFi is a simple process. Select UISWiFi from the wireless icon at the top-right of your screen, and then enter your NetID and password when prompted. If you receive a “Verify Certificate” window, simply hit Continue.

Connecting your iPhone or iPod Touch
iPhones and iPod Touches use the same simple process as Macintosh computers when connecting to UISWiFi. First, select Settings and then Wi-Fi. Select UISWiFi from the list, and then enter your NetID and password when prompted.

For more information about using your iPhone or iPod Touch at UIS, please visit the iPhone at UIS website.

Connecting your PDA, tablet, Android device, etc.
Numerous other wifi-enabled portable devices, such as internet tablets or the Palm Pre, are capable of accessing the Internet through UISWiFi. Getting connected is usually a matter of joining UISWiFi, entering your NetID/password, and accepting any security messages.

For more information on UISWiFi, please visit the UISWiFi webpage on the ITS website.


Contact the Technology Support Center at 206-6000 or techsupport@uis.edu if you need assistance or have any questions.


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