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Saving Attachments to Edocs

UIS provides students, faculty, staff, and departments with 1 gig of storage space in eDocs, the campus document management system. Because eDocs is accessible from any computer at any time [similar to webmail], it is an ideal solution to saving attachments. ITS recommends that all important email attachments be saved to eDocs so they may be deleted from your email account. This will help prevent your email from being shutdown due to size limits.

Saving attachments to eDocs is a simple, 2-part process:

  1. Opening your eDocs storage in Windows
  2. Saving your attachments from Outlook

Opening your eDocs storage in Windows

Microsoft Windows can easily mount your eDocs personal storage space as a normal drive. This will allow you to drag and drop any files or folders [including attachments] into your personal folder:

1. Open the Internet Explorer web browser and visit the following page: http://edocs.uis.edu.

2. Enter your NetID and password and log into eDocs normally.

3. When you are in eDocs, click the Launch Web Folder button located at the top-right of the interface.

NOTE: This will only be visible when using Internet Explorer.

eDocs Files

Windows will then present your eDocs files as normal desktop folders so you can simply drag and drop files into the appropriate folder. You may now access these files at any time by selecting My Network Places from the Start menu.

Saving your attachments from Outlook

All attachment files received in emails may be saved to your local computer or other storage including eDocs. Once eDocs has been mapped as a normal drive, saving attachments from Outlook to eDocs is quick and simple:

1. Open the email in Outlook.

2. Click File and select Save Attachment.

3. Click the My Network Places button at the bottom-left.

4. Your eDocs file share will be listed as “YourNetID on edocs.uis.edu”. Double-click the share to open it.

5. Click Save.

Save Attachement

The attachment will now be accessible at any time from eDocs. Because the attachment is now saved on eDocs, the email may be deleted in order to save space in your Inbox.


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