Multimedia Projects

A multimedia project is organized so as to promote empowerment of the student. Elements contained in such a project enable the instructor to deploy varied apt technological means to increase student motivation to learn. The possibility that the instructional act will achieve greater positive results should increase by this change.

Instructional Technology Showcase

Faculty at UIS share their experiences in integrating instructional technology into their curriculum. Faculty in this showcase teach in the departments of Biology, Chemistry, Communication, Educational Leadership, English, Modern Languages, Psychology, Management Information Systems, and Teacher Education.

A wide range of technology tools are highlighted in this showcase — audience response systems, cable television, eDocs, lecture capture systems, podcasting, and more. The integration of these tools into the curriculum represent how technology can be used to enhance teaching methods and the student learning experience.

The Symbolist Movement: Its Origins and Its Consequences

The Symbolist MovementProfessor Rosina Neginsky worked with Information Technology Services to develop a website for an international and interdisciplinary conference, “The Symbolist Movement: Its Origins and Its Consequences”. The purpose of the conference is to explore the origins of Symbolism, a variety of Symbolist manifestations in art, literature, music and philosophy, its consequences in art and literature, and to understand how ideas moved from one European country to another. Dr. Neginsky is an Associate Professor of English (Comparative Literature) and Interdisciplinary Studies, and an affiliated art history faculty. Her area of specialization is French, Russian and English art and literature between 1850-1920.

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Enhancing Learning Through Multimedia

Enhancing Learning Through MultimediaAs an increasing number of UIS faculty consider the use of multimedia, tools that make multimedia presentations easier to create are appearing. Which tool you use depends on a number of factors: what kind of information is to be conveyed; who the intended audience is; and how much interaction there will be between the application and the user. The ITS Instructional Support and Training team has put together this interactive project to help familiarize you with the multimedia technologies available on our campus and also to showcase faculty projects that have been developed in collaboration with the Instructional Support and Training team. [Uttra Singh and the ISAT team]

Revealing Voices

Revealing VoicesThe ITS Instructional Support and Training team highlights revealing topics and stories through this podcast series. Each series contains a group of episodes covering specific, relevant subject matter. The first series is a collection of interview material for the Springfield Race Riot of 1908. The material for this series was furnished by the UIS Archives Oral History Collection. [Ben Snider, Ralph Shank, and the ISAT team]

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LOVE Interviews

The LOVE ProjectProfessor Michael Cheney’s course, LSC 431: The Beatles: Popular Music and Society is a journey through 50 years of popular culture with a focus on the musical artists, who more than any other band, defined the era. In June 2006, Cirque du Soleil in partnership with The Beatles, premiered the show “LOVE” in Las Vegas. The show was a celebration of the life and times and music of the Beatles. In this interactive project, Paul and Ringo, as well as George and Giles Martin answer questions about the LOVE production – its origins, its challenges, and its songs.

Working Around Limitations

EDUCAUSE 2007 PresentationRalph Shank, multimedia specialist with Information Technology Services, and Uttra Singh, ITS graduate assistant, were among the presenters at the EDUCAUSE Midwest Regional Conference held March 2004 in Chicago. Their presentation titled “Working Around Limitations” focused on the challenges of providing quality instructional support to faculty at small, public, liberal arts universities with limited personnel and funding. The presentation was originally created in PowerPoint, then converted for online use to a Flash format using Camtasia. [Ralph Shank and Uttra Singh]

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UIS on iTunes U

UIS on iTunes UUIS on iTunes U offers the option for publishing digital media easily into an online content distribution system. It provides easy access to educational content, including lecture and seminar recordings, student assignments, and student-generated content. In addition to course-related material, lectures and presentations from UIS public events, sports, news broadcasts, and concerts can be delivered through UIS on iTunes U. [UIS on iTunes U Team]

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Instructional Video for Smart Classrooms

Using the Interactive SmartboardAn interactive smartboard can serve as the catalyst for integrating technology into the curriculum by changing the ways a course can be presented. It enables the rapid delivery of new and different aspects of a topic, hitherto nearly impossible without considerable time and effort. In this instructional video, you will learn about using the interactive smartboard, capturing and saving content to share with your students, interacting with a PowerPoint presentation, and so forth. [Uttra Singh and Ralph Shank]

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Virtual Classroom DVDs

Virtual Classroom DVDsThe DVDs contain fourteen multimedia lectures, part of the virtual classroom of the online section of “CSC 472: Introduction to Database Systems”. The lectures, produced using Accordent, provide a comprehensive coverage of data modeling and database design. A great deal of time is spent on the examination of pitfalls, techniques, theory, and practice of data modeling, normalization, and logical database design. The project is an integral part of an attempt to give online students of CSC 472 the same kinds of learning experiences that on-campus students have. [Dr. Ratko Orlandic – Computer Science]

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General Chemistry in a Flash

General ChemistryThis project contains multiple choice questions that help students study and prepare for CHE 141: Principles of Chemistry. Questions are based on the chapter list from the course textbook, “Chemistry: The Central Science” by Brown, LeMay, Bursten and Burdge. These questions provide practice, enabling students to answer questions encountered in the class. [Dr. Harshavardhan Bapat – Chemistry]

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The Podcasting Resource at UIS

The Podcasting Resource at UIS websiteTo assist faculty with the planning and organization of course-related podcasts, a website has been created that contains information on podcasting: what it is, how it is being used in academe, faculty projects, how to subscribe and create podcasts, etc. A podcast is a creative communication tool that allows faculty to interact with their students outside the classroom. It enables faculty to present scenarios and questions, put forward points to ponder, and help students come to class prepared to articulate the thoughts generated by faculty podcasts. [ISAT Team and Office of Web Services]

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The Beatles: Popular Music and Society

The BeatlesAs a part of his online course for fall 2005, “The Beatles: Popular Music and Society,” Michael Cheney has been podcasting and vodcasting portions of its content. He is pioneering this effort at UIS with help and support from Educational Technology. By use of podcasts and vodcasts, Cheney has introduced a new approach in classroom communication, one that engages the different learning styles of class members, and provides a personal dimension to the course. [Dr. Michael Cheney – Communication]

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Our Changing Climate

Our Changing Climate, screenshotThe “ENS463: Our Changing Climate” CD-ROM is an integral part of a course that attempts to take a neutral stance on climate change, presenting both sides of the issue. In the fourteen programs, including over 400 images and audio lecture files, a great deal of time is spent looking at evidence of global warming and contribution of greenhouse gases to this evidence. Potential remedies for reducing greenhouse gas emissions are also considered. [Dr. Bill Warren – Environmental Studies ]

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Digital Storytelling

Students at workshopAs a part of Springfield Experience Conference 2005, high school students attended a Digital Storytelling Workshop, hosted by Educational Technology. The objective of this workshop was to support each high school public policy classroom team in creating public service messages [PSA]. These PSA’s are related to the students’ public policy project for their school and community by means of digital storytelling. [Peggy Dunn and Munindra Khaund]

History Program Image Gallery

History Program Image GalleryThe History Program Image Gallery is a collection of images that is used as a model for the collaborative development of digital image collections at UIS. Initially, the collection is built utilizing several existing digital still images. Eventually, such a collection will include a range of digital assets from a variety of disciplines, including still images, along with video clips, sound recordings, and scanned text documents. [Drs. Cecilia Stiles Cornell, Deborah McGregor, Cindy Nimchuk – History]


Detention Online Orientation Training

Detention Online Orientation Training CD-ROMThe Detention Online Orientation Training CD-ROM introduces officers in detention to essential information and concepts necessary for the effective management and supervision of youth in detention. The CD-ROM is set up in modules, which supplements the online training for use with the assignments for the training program. [Tom Ambrose – Institute for Legal and Policy Studies]


World Affairs Council of Central Illinois: Digital Media Resources

World Affairs Council Conference WebsiteThe World Affairs Council of Central Illinois presented an environmental conference in cooperation with the University of Illinois at Springfield. Digital media resources [images, maps, audio] used during presentations at the conference were scanned, captured, digitized, and assembled into a website. The website consists of an introductory page that lists the speakers for the afternoon conference session. From the contents on the introductory page, a speaker is able to select her/his media resources and project it on a screen during the presentation. [Dr. Roy Wehrle – Economics]

CD-ROM for Legal Reference Guide

CD-ROM for Legal Reference GuideEducational Technology has developed an interactive CD-ROM in collaboration with The Institute for Legal and Policy Studies at the University of Illinois at Springfield. The Institute partnered with the Methamphetamine Protocol Advisory Committee, under a grant from the U.S. Department of Justice funded through the Illinois State Police, to design, develop, and write the guide.

For more information, please read the UIS Press Release,”UIS produces first legal reference guide on methamphetamine in nation“.

Geopolitics: Geographic Aspects of International Affairs

Geopolitics: Geographic Aspects of International AffairsSupplement to online course PAC 408 – Geopolitics: Geographic Aspects of International Affairs, taught by William Warren. This interactive CD-ROM helps students understand several strategic geopolitical issues involving food, natural resources, population change and technological development. Digitized images are accompanied by audio lectures and an introductory video from Dr. Warren.


UIS Public Policy High School Initiatives

UIS Public Policy High School InitiativesProject Description: An invitation to Join an Adventure in Leadership, Develop a Voice in Public Policy and State Government, Receive Classroom Grant Awards, and Full Scholarships for High School Students from Summer Residential Education and College Credit.


Clinical Laboratory Science Test Bank

Test Bank CD-ROMCustomized exam generation tool developed for Clinical Laboratory Sciences Faculty. The database consists of exam questions, answers and objectives from four clinical sites. Exams can be created using any combination of questions from the database. Questions selected for an exam are stored while the instructor browses. Exams and answer keys can be automatically generated and exported in Rich Text Format, allowing editing in most common word processing applications. Questions and objectives can be easily added or removed; existing information can be easily updated. The database is password protected to prevent unauthorized access.


Illinois Channel

Illinois Channel CD-ROMThis CD-ROM is designed to promote establishment of the Illinois Channel, a proposed public affairs television channel that would broadcast coverage of Illinois government events. The interactive program outlines the progress of the study conducted by the Institute for Public Affairs at UIS to identify problems and solutions in creating the channel. Introductory animation is accompanied by sound clips from members of the Illinois state government. “Remote control” navigation panel features pop-out menus to allow access to specific portions of the program.