iPad Initiative

iPad Rental Program for Chemistry Students through Summer 2016

Information Technology Services is providing an iPad rental service to assist students in meeting the requirements of CHE 267, CHE 268, CHE 269, & CHE 271 through the summer of 2016.

The cost is $95.00 per semester charged to your iCard Campus Cash account.

Rental iPads must be returned to ITS at the end of any semester. Students may keep the iPad during semester breaks by paying the rental fee for the next semester.

iPads with Retina display will be available for rental starting in Fall 2014 through Summer 2016.

iPad Options

All students enrolled in CHE 267, CHE 268, CHE 269, or CHE 271 are required to have an iPad. The iPad initiative offers many benefits to students, including cost savings of purchasing e-books vs textbooks. For example, the savings of purchasing the e-book and solutions manual over the textbook is $286. Additionally, students will be able to take advantage of immediate feedback through the interactive practice problems.

For anyone who does not already own an iPad, students may choose to participate in our Rental Program or may choose to purchase an iPad on their own.

The Rental Program is a cost-recovery program; no profit is made on the behalf of UIS, the Chemistry department, or ITS. ITS purchases the iPad for $380, and charges students $95/semester.

However, students may find that purchasing an iPad through Apple is more cost effective than the Rental Program. For example, Apple often has special offers available to students. We encourage students to check out Apple’s education discounts to determine the best solution for them.

Students will be responsible for purchasing their own apps.

Terms of Agreement

Participating students agree to the following:

  • The rental fee is non-refundable.
  • I agree to use the iPad in a responsible manner and in accordance with University policies and procedures, including the University of Illinois Springfield’s IT Policies, in effect now and in the future. These policies can be located at: http://www.uis.edu/informationtechnologyservices/about/policies/
  • This iPad should be used primarily for educational purposes. However, it is acceptable for me to use it for non‐educational purposes as long as the non‐educational purposes do not interfere with the educational purposes.
  • Upon the delivery of the iPad into my care, I assume the responsibility and liability of the iPad. In addition, I agree to return this iPad if return is required due to non-enrollment.
  • During the term of this User Agreement, I am fully responsible for any theft of or physical damage to the iPad, and I may be held accountable for the replacement or repair of the iPad. I must take all appropriate steps to protect the iPad and data against loss or theft. If I lend the iPad to another person without prior permission, I will be held accountable and responsible for the replacement of the iPad and may be subject to the forfeiture of the iPad, at the sole discretion of the University of Illinois Springfield. Failure to report the loss of the iPad or failure to return the iPad will result in appropriate disciplinary action by the University of Illinois Springfield and a possible police investigation.I must report any damages to the iPad to ITS Client Services. ITS may charge me the actual cost of repairs or replacement up to $380. This amount will be added to my student account.
  • Upon withdrawal or dismissal from the University of Illinois Springfield or upon any other notification to promptly return the issued iPad, I agree to promptly deliver the iPad to ITS Client Services or such other place designated by the University of Illinois Springfield. In the event that I do not return the iPad within stated time frames, the University of Illinois Springfield may, at its discretion, place a hold on my college records, and bill me for the full value of the iPad of $380. I also understand that an additional $25 may be charged to my bill if I do not return the issued power cord and accessories supplied with my iPad. See the Fee Schedule for specific charges.
  • This iPad program may be terminated at the discretion of the University of Illinois Springfield.
  • I agree that ITS may amend the terms of this User Agreement (to include cancellation) upon serving me a written Notice of Amendment. Such Notice of Amendment will be effective 10 days from the date of the mailing or delivery of the Notice of Amendment.
  • I agree that this User Agreement and any amendments or supplements to it will be governed by the laws of the State of Illinois and the United States of America. I agree that no delay or failure to enforce any provision of this User Agreement will constitute a waiver or limitation of the University of Illinois Springfield’s rights to enforce the User Agreement.

Fee Schedule

Repairs – $50.00
All Accidental repairs covered under the User Agreement, a loaner iPad will be issued during the time it takes to repair the iPad. If an iPad is found not to be repairable the iPad will be replaced at the $150.00 charge of iPad replacements.

Lost iPad – $150.00
Lost iPads must be reported to ITS Client Services immediately. A loaner iPad will be issued during the time it takes to replace the iPad. After the 3rd replacement of equipment, a student will be charged the full replacement cost of $380.00.

Non‐Returned Accessories – $25.00

Late Return of Loaner iPad – $50.00
Failure to return the loaner iPad within the 10 days or agreed upon time period established by the University of Illinois Springfield.

Pick Up Procedure

After enrolling in CHE 267, CHE 268, CHE 269, or CHE 271, students will come to ITS Client Services located in the lower level of Brookens Library with their iCard.  Students must bring their iCard with $95 available in Campus Cash in order to pick up their iPad.  Students will sign the Rental Agreement, they will be charged the $95/semester fee from their iCard Campus Cash account, and will be given the iPad with accessories.

Required Apps

iPad Apps - Word, Excel, PowerPoint, ChemDraw, iSpartan, and The ElementsAll students enrolled in CHE 267, CHE 268, CHE 269, or CHE 271 are required to have an iPad and the following apps: Microsoft Word, Excel & PowerPoint; ChemDraw; iSpartan; Notability; and Explain Everything.

Microsoft Word, Excel & PowerPoint can be installed for free, when logged in with UIS credentials. To log into the Office apps on mobile devices, please enter your NetID@uisad.uis.edu and your password. (Please note this is NOT your email address; you will need to add ‘uisad’.) Step-by-step instructions for logging into the Office Mobile app are available; these instructions were created on an Android device, but the steps are similar for iOS and Windows devices.