CSC/MIS Students: Unix


UNIX Accounts

How to logon to your uisacad account

To establish a remote connection to your account on uisacad we suggest that you use a Secure Shell program. The easy way for connecting in this manner on Windows PCs is using Putty. Download a copy of Putty for Windows


From a Windows PC

  1. Click on Start on the Windows task bar (bottom left corner) and select Run.
  2. Type:  ssh
  3. When prompted, enter your login name (NetID) and Password.
  4. After you successfully login, you will be in your home directory on uisacad.
  5. To exit from your account, enter exit at the prompt.


From a Macintosh  (OS9 and earlier)

The standard Macintosh Telnet program is BetterTelnet. Download a copy of BetterTelnet for Mac OS

  1. Open BetterTelnet.
  2. Select Open Connection from the File menu.
  3. Enter as the host name.
  4. When prompted, enter your login name (NetID) and Password.


From a Macintosh  (OS 10.X and later)

The standard Secure Shell program for OS X is Terminal.

  1. Open Finder:Applications:Utilities.
  2. At the prompt, Enter ssh
  3. When prompted, enter your login name (NetID) and Password.


How to logon to the SUN, Macintosh, or Linux workstations in the computer labs on campus

There are four SUN workstations, two Macintosh workstations, and two Linux workstations located in the UHB 2030 computer lab. Additionally there are several Macintosh OS X workstations located in the Brookens Media Lab. These stations are running Solaris 9, Fedora Core 2 Linux, and Panther OS X. The workstations are used for classes or projects requiring the use of UNIX or MAC. StarOffice 7, an Office suite for word processing and spreadsheet design is also installed on SUN and Linux workstations. The MAC workstations are installed with the Microsoft Office suite, Adobe Professional 6, and Photoshop.

At each of these workstation’s main login screen, enter your UIS NetID then type in your NetID password to gain access to the workstation.

If you encounter trouble logging onto one of these stations try resetting your password. To reset your UIS NetID password visit this website. Resetting your NetID password