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Video Network Scheduler

– Go to http://www.uis.edu/otherservices/reservations.html
— Login with your login name and password.

– If you have not created a login name, click the New User link and create a profile. I will be notified to validate the account. Once the account is validated, you will be able to make requests.

– A Welcome Screen will appear.
Modify User Information
– This will allow you to view your profile and make changes.

View the Calendar
– Make a videoconference or distance-learning request.

View Current Reservations
– This allows you to view previous requests that you have made.

To make a request:

- click the View the Calendar link.
– From the Calendar, click on the date for the event.
– Click on the Clock Icon to request a start time for your event.
– Fill out the information for the UIS Room / Event Information

– Description –

This is the name of U of I course or event (i.e. University Press Board, AAMT, COM536, etc…). As a tip, please be more specific than submitting “staff meeting”.

Type of Event
This identifies the function of the event (University Business, Class, etc).

Date of the Event
(Month/Day/Year) The event date will be automatically entered from the calendar.

Event Connection Time
The connection time will be automatically defaulted to 1/2 hour before the Event Start Time.

Event Start Time
The start time will be automatically entered from the calendar.

Event End Time
The end time must be selected from the drop down menu. Make sure that this time is correct before submitting your request.

Estimated Attendance
This allows us to anticipate how many people will be using our facilities. Also, depending on potential conflicts, it may give us an option to make arrangements with another facility if need be.

*Technical Information may be obtained by the Technical Contact at your location or the bridging center.*

Connection Type
ISDN – Phone based connection
IP – Internet based connection
NONE – No connection… Offline

H.323 IP Address
This is the address needed to connect for an IP event. For example, an address would be

H.320 ISDN Access Number
This is the address needed to connect for an ISDN event. For example, an access number would be 2175852750.

This is a measure of how much information may be sent and received during the connection. Certain locations and equipment are specific to certain bandwidths.

Simply stated, this notifies our location whether we will be initiating a call from a remote location or receiving a call. If our location is initiating a call, we NEED to be supplied with the connection information.

Point-to-Point or Multipoint
Point-to-Point: One location connections to another location (2 sites total)
Multipoint: Multiple locations connecting together with one location acting as a hub (central point of access) or otherwise known as a bridge.

Multipoint Control
This is the location for the Multipoint Bridge.

Technical Contact
The Technical Contact will be the room technical operator or the Multipoint Bridge operator. This will be the person to get hold of in case of testing, emergencies, etc.

Technical Contact Phone Number
Simply stated, this is the contact number to call in case of testing, emergencies, etc.

Special Equipment Needs
Faxes, computer equipment, etc… may be requested depending on availability.

This may be used for any additional comments.

Press the Book Event button to submit your request.

An email request will be sent out to Gary Bach for validation. The scheduler is set up for check for inconsistencies or conflicts but cannot account for all possible factors.

You may check the status of your request by doing the following:
— Login with your login name and password.
— A Welcome Screen will appear.
– View Current Reservations

- This allows you to view previous requests that you have made.

At this time, users are not able to edit their requests. If an event has changed or been cancelled, please email Gary Bach regarding the changes.

If you have any problems/questions concerning the UIS Video Network Scheduler, please contact Gary Bach by phone at 217-206-6556 or email gbach1@uis.edu.


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